February 20th - 21st 2021

About The Event


We’re excited to announce the official launch for AstonHack 2021.

Our Hackathon will run from the 20th February through the 21st of February; aside from being an enjoyable, creative and inspiring experience for hackers and organizers alike, we also wanted to provide something special after lockdown.

Hackathons are invention marathons where attendees dream up and bring to life ideas for apps, websites, robots, and more.We are inviting students to join us for 24 hours while we develop the ideas for the future!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been programming for years, hackathons are a great place to learn new skills, build your network, find jobs, and most importantly have fun.


Hosted online on Discord!


Saturday to Sunday
20th - 21st February 2021



Our new timetable for AstonHack6 is to be confirmed.

Registration G11

Please make your way to G11 in the main building for registration.

Introduction Presentation G11

Introduction to AstonHack presentation is held at G11, this is where we go over what will happen during these exciting 24 hours.

Lunch Student Union

Please make your way to Aston Student Union for refreshments and a place to discuss any strategies or plans for the upcoming event.

Hackathon Starts MB227

Hacking starts in MB227 so please make your way over and get to know each other, get in teams and start brainstorming ideas.

Github Workshop G11

The Github workshop held in G11 is the perfect place for our members to aid each other in understanding and producing higher quality work on Github.

Majestic - Scala Workshop G11

The Scala workshop is held in G11 so please make your way over.

Blender Workshop G11

The blender workshop is held in G11 so please make your way over.

Majestic - Horrible UX Workshop G11

UX workshop held in G11 main building so please make your way over.

Dinner Mb512

Please make your way to MB512 for dinner and relax.

Renaissance Painting MB304

To take part in this event, please make your way to MB304.

Werewolf MB304

This game takes place in MB304 so join in and have fun.

Midnight Pizza MB512

Join us in MB512 for pizza and late night talks.

Breakfast MB512

It's brekfast time so get up, get ready and energize.

Hackathon Ends / Lunch MB227 / MB512

Close your laptops, times up. No more coding! Meet in MB512 for lunch and freshen up.

Demos and Closing Ceremony G11

Time to present what you have done during the last 24 hours and say goodnight.

Event Finished G11

Thank you for attending the event. We hope you enjoyed it!

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  • For the safety and well being of all our attendees, we have taken the responsible decision to move our event online. In our 6th iteration, the hackathon will take place on Discord.

    COVID-19 has changed all our lives in numerous ways and AstonHack will adapt to these circumstances to provide a safe and productive environment. We are committed to continuing our long-standing event to be a place to connect, create, and cultivate our hacking community.

  • You can interact, identify and recruit students by hosting workshops, gaining recognition and discovering tech talent. You can also share your internship, placement and graduate schemes to a wide variety of students.

    AstonHack is offering 3 tiered sponsorship packages - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Your organisation would provide some combination of funding, tools, data, challenges with prizes, or API access to the value of the relevant tier.

    If you have suggestions of how your organisation could support us differently or questions about the tiers, we welcome you to get in touch.

    For more information, please download our sponsorship prospectus for AstonHack6 by clicking the link below.

    Download Prospectus
  • We are the Aston Computer Science Society (ACSS). Coordinated by students powered with their excitement in tech, we welcome all to learn, share and have fun with computer science.

    AstonHack is presented in association with the ACSS - by students, for students.

  • A hackathon is where teams of up to 4 people work together to build an invention over a 24 hour period. Sponsors present themes for which prizes will be awarded and at the end of the event where teams will present their work to the judges.

    The goal of a hackathon is to create functioning software or hardware by the end of the event. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, or the subject and the demographic group of the programmers.

    Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been programming for years, hackathons are a great place to learn new skills, build your network, find jobs, and most importantly have fun.

  • There is no admission fee as it is available at no charge to any attendee.

  • As long as you’re either an Aston student who has graduated within 12 months prior to the event or are currently enrolled at a College/University, you are able to attend AstonHack.

  • Major League Hacking is the official student hackathon league in North America & Europe. They work with over 200 Member Events and empower over 70,000 students every year.

    For more information, please visit Major League Hacking website.

    About MLH
  • We follow the MLH code of conduct strictly. To view their code of conduct please download by clicking the link below.

    Download Code of Conduct

Event Venue



Aston University, Aston Street, Birmingham, B4 7ET



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